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The Doctor of Management (DMgt) programme is a coursework-based doctorate degree programme, focusing on developing professionals with higher critical thinking skills in the field of management and capable of conducting cutting edge research. This degree programme is designed to meet the needs of high-achieving business professionals who wish to advance their career and are aspired to climb up the management ladder either in the public or private sectors. The three-year doctoral programme aims to support the professionals in developing rigorous thinking process, acquire deeper management knowledge and advanced research methodologies, and promote analytical skills that enable them to solve complex organisational problems. Through an integration of theory and practice curriculum, students could associate the practical value of learning theoretical concepts more closely. By enrolling in this comprehensive programme, students are offered an opportunity to develop close industry linkages and work with world class academics who are actively engaged with the corporate, government and NGO sectors; and published in high impact management journals.

Doctor of Management (DMgt) 2018/2019

Doctor of Management (DMgt) 2019/2020

The doctor of management (DMgt) can yield a variety of career opportunities. Anyone attaining this doctorate degree are prepared to work in executive positions within organizations and run major corporations and international companies. Alternatively, graduates may pursue an academic career at universities and colleges to teach business and management.

Courses are divided into three categories: core, elective courses and dissertation. Students are required to take a total of 81 credits as follows:

Core Courses

Number of Courses Credit

CXA8002 Dissertation


CXA8001 Quantitative Research Methods


CXA8003 Qualitative Research Methods


CXA8004 Quantitative Data Analysis


CXA8005 Qualitative Data Analysis


CXA8006 Issues and Practices in Management


CXA8007 Governance and Decision Making


CXA8008 Organizational Strategy


CXA8009 Management Intelligence


CXA8010 Organization Risk Management


Elective Courses (choose only one (1) course)


CVA8001 Accounting Issues and Practices


CVA8002 Financial Issues and Practices


CVA8003 Marketing Issues and Practices


CVA8004 Operations Management and Information System Issues and Practices


CXA8011 Military Management Issues and Practices


The courses will be held on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), except for the elective courses which will be held on weekdays where the students will join the PhD students. For three credit courses, the classes will take place over a five-week period while the classes for six credit courses will take place over an eight-week period. Generally, there will be two weekends of classes followed by a one-weekend off, followed by another two weekends of classes. The exam (if applicable) will take place immediately after each course. Students are expected to attend all the classes without fail where they will listen to lectures, participate in discussions, conduct presentations, and prepare reports as required by the course instructors.

Another important component of the students’ journey in the Doctor of Management program is the dissertation component. In the dissertation component, the students, under the guidance of a supervisor from the faculty, will conduct a research and complete a maximum of sixty thousand words report on the management issue addressed in the research, how was the research conducted and the findings/suggestions/guidelines that have been produced by the research. Please take note that although the research under the program has to be as rigorous as a PhD research, there are differences between the two. The research under the Doctor of Management program is applied research compared to basic research in the PhD program. As a result, the research goals of the two programs are different. The PhD research goal is to contribute to knowledge, hence the research is more theory-oriented. Meanwhile, the Doctor of Management’s research goal is to contribute to practice, hence the research is more practice-oriented.

Applicants for the programme should possess:

  1. Possess a Bachelor’s degree with honours or equivalent in a related field from a recognised university, priority is given to candidates who have a Bachelor degree with a CGPA of at least 3.0 or equivalent;
  2. A Master’s degree in a related field from a recognised university, with a CGPA of at least 3.0 or equivalent;
  3. Not less than five (5) years working experience; or
  4. At least a band 6.0 for IELTS or a minimum score of 550 for the paper based TOEFL (for international applicants)


Before you begin the online application process, please ensure that you meet ALL of the entry requirements for your preferred degree. You are required to upload ALL original evidence in the online application. Incomplete applications will not be processed. The Faculty does not issue a conditional offer letter to applicants. The University processing fee is not refundable.

Fee structure for citizen
Fee structure for non-citizen



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